Senior Health Advocate


Article & Images by DailyCaring | Posted 1/31//19

Seniors need someone to look out for their best interests

Visiting the doctor can be an exhausting blur for some older adults.

Many seniors aren’t able to fully understand what the doctor says, aren’t comfortable asking questions, don’t like to speak frankly about symptoms and concerns, or are too shy to insist on treatments that are in their best interests.

These older adults need a trusted relative, spouse, friend, or care manager to help them understand their medical conditions and treatment options as well as communicate and coordinate with doctors to get the best care possible.

We explain what a health advocate is and share 7 ways seniors benefit from having one.


What is a health advocate?

A health advocate helps someone navigate the medical system. They accompany seniors to appointments, talk with doctors, take clear notes, research health conditions, find specialists, and help manage health insurance and medical bills.

A health advocate doesn’t need to be a trained medical professional – in fact, the job is often done by a family caregiver.

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