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Healthy Eating

The Secret To Healthy Eating As You Age

NCOA Article | Image Posted by NCOA Nutrition is a critical part of health, especially as you age. Providing your body with the best nutrients can improve your mood, reduce your risk for health conditions, and boost your energy. Encourage older adults to use these suggestions for building or improving healthy eating

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Energy Assistance

In Time For Summer: How Older Adults Can Get Energy Assistance

NCOA Post | Image from NCOA Summer will be here soon, and many older adults will struggle to afford the cost of cooling their homes. In addition to the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), other programs may be available to low-income households. Our updated fact sheet provides the details. Download the

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Exercises for Seniors

Four Core Exercises For Seniors with Limited Mobility

Article by: Superior Senior Care | Posted 3/12/18  | Image Taken from Article It may seem counter-intuitive, but when you’re struggling from any mobility-inhibiting condition, it’s actually extra important to spend time being physically active. Breaking a sweat and working those underused muscles is important to overall senior health — it will

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