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Providing Information To Help Seniors & Their Caregivers Help Themselves
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Helping An Older Adult

You may find caregiving for an older adult to be a very rewarding experience. However, this added role in your already busy life may provide new challenges. You may find yourself with little time to tend to your own health and wellbeing. It is now widely known that caregivers, like yourself, experience poor health and increased levels of stress and burden, compared to non-caregivers. You must take care of yourself to continue to provide quality care to the older adult in your life.

We have created a survey tool for you to assess your own stress and burden level. Once you have taken the survey then read through each of the supportive Caregiver CrossRoads for tips and ideas to empower you to help yourself.

The caregiver checkup
Stressed person holding head in hand

Assess Your Stress. This survey is for caregivers of older adults to identify their own level of stress and burden. A caregiver may be a family member, friend or neighbor who provides assistance with personal care, health care matters, social activities, household maintenance or financial affairs. The amount of assistance caregivers provide may range from occasional to every day. Caregivers may reside with the older adult, live nearby or provide support from a distance. No matter what type of caregiver you are, caregiving can be rewarding as well as stressful. It is important for you to understand the level of stress associated with your caregiving role in order to take whatever steps may be needed to improve your caregiver journey. Click the button below to start the survey and assess your stress.

Click here to Assess Your Stress

The Caregiver Crossroads
Stressed person reading a paper

The Caregiver CrossRoads are packed with valuable information, links, and resources to help you ease your caregiving journey. Empower yourself by reading each of the CrossRoads below.

For each Caregiver CrossRoad you will find the following sections:

CrossRoad: Click on the title of the CrossRoad for an in depth discussion of the specific topic.
Definition: This provides a brief explanation of the specific topic.
Search Our Database: Pre-populated searches of local agencies and their programs that provide services related to the specific topic.
Glossary of Terms: Words you may encounter in dealing with the specific topic.
Links: Websites that may provide more information on the specific topic.

Navigating The Caregiver CrossRoads


Definition: This CrossRoad is where you begin your caregiving journey. In this section we will define what a caregiver is and the stress and burdens that are associated with the role. Also described is a CareTeam, a group of people who will support you and the older adult as you navigate through the aging and caregiving networks. The Caregiver Hub will guide you through assessing the needs of both you and the older adult and identifying potential resources to meet those needs.

Search Our Database:


Definition: This CrossRoad will discuss the older adult’s and the caregiver’s efforts to maintain or achieve what they personally define as good health and is more than the lack of physical illness.

Search Our Database:


Definition: This CrossRoad will discuss the older adult’s and the caregiver’s efforts to maintain or achieve what they personally define as good psychological health and is more than the lack of mental illness.

Search Our Database:


Definition: This CrossRoad will discuss programs that MAY be available to the older adult you are caring for to provide assistance regarding a variety of topics.

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Definition: This CrossRoad will discuss the overall vulnerability of emotional, physical, sexual and financial harm to older adults. To accomplish this you as the caregiver and the older adult must constantly be aware of the environment and plan for all potential risks of harm and injury that may occur to the older adult.

Search Our Database:


Definition: This CrossRoad discusses various services available to the older adult that will allow him/her to live more independently and safely. In addition, there are several services available for caregivers to assist with caregiving tasks.

Search Our Database:


Definition: This CrossRoad will discuss the formal or informal services available, in or out of the home, that provide direct supervision and/or different levels of care for an older adult, allowing the primary caregiver to be temporarily free of their caregiving duties.

Search Our Database:


Definition: This CrossRoad will discuss the various options from which an older adult may choose his/her place of residence.

Search Our Database:


Definition: This CrossRoad will discuss the different transportation services available to the older adult you are caring for to help him/her remain independent and safe while traveling.

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Definition: This CrossRoad will discuss the physical, emotional and financial aspects of the dying process. It will talk about the importance of engaging in discussions regarding the older adult's choices for end of life medical care and final wishes.

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CLICK HERE to learn more about the creation of Helping An Older Adult-A Caregiver's Journey, our collaboration with UMass Medical School and the extensive help we received from multiple interns and volunteers.

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