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8 Treatable Diseases That Mimic Dementia

Article & Images by DailyCaring  | Posted 2/4/18

Cognitive issues aren’t always caused by Alzheimer’s or dementia

If your older adult has been experiencing cognitive challenges or acting strangely, it’s natural to think that Alzheimer’s or dementia might be the cause. After all, we hear so much about it in the news.

But it’s important to not jump to the conclusion that it’s a non-treatable condition like dementia because there are many treatable diseases that mimic dementia.

That’s why it’s essential to visit a doctor as soon as you realize there’s a problem. There could be something relatively simple going on that they can treat.

We share 8 common health conditions that can cause scary cognitive changes and explain why they cause these problems.

Knowing about these conditions helps you advocate with the doctor so your older adult can get the proper diagnosis and treatment.

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